Saturday, 25 June 2011

diffrent solar equipments

Solar Energy Park-Agriculture University, PUSA-BIHAR Installed by Solar Alternatives and Associated programmes (SAAP), Patna, India

Solar Energy Park-Agriculture University, PUSA-BIHAR

Visit by vice Chancellor of the Agricultural University
Solar Energy Park-Agriculture University, PUSA-BIHAR

Solar Energy Park-Agriculture University, PUSA-BIHAR

Yugaratna Srivastava ,the one who addressed the Global Environment Summit at Copenhagen, visiting Solar Energy Park, Patna, Bihar

Fr. Mathew MM SJ- Founder Director, Solar Alternatives, Patna,India.

Solar Community Cooker, can cook food for fifty people.

Solar Baking System

Solar Tunnel Dryer, useful for food processing.

Solar Domestic Cooker, Can cook food for 10 to 15 people.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Sterilizer(Steam produced by Solar Energy is used).

Solar Distiller and hot water

Solar Steam Turbine(model).

Fr. Mathew with Solar Research students from Germany

Fr. Mathew with  Energy park visitors.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Solar Systems.
    May be a general introduction for the beginners will be useful
    Devasia M

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